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2012 UAlbany Men's Cross Country Results

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2012 UAlbany Men's Cross Country Results

2012 Best Times of the Year

Sept 1 – Monmouth Invitational, Lincroft, N.J. – 6K
Team Finish: 2nd/7 Scoring Teams
19:28.6   Chris Buchanan         (1st)
19:39.5   James Sommer         (4th)
20:01.7   Brandon Camenzuli   (13th)
20:03.9   Ray Farinella             (15th)
20:11.2   Dylan Lowry              (16th)
20:13.5   Jon Moore                 (17th)
20:24.6   Ryan Scarpelli           (18th)
20:25.2   John DeLallo              (20th)
20:33.6   Zach Cook                 (27th)

Sept 14 – America East Pre-Conference Meet, Durham, N.H. – 8K
Team Finish: 3rd/5 Scoring Teams
26:47.42   Ethan Clary                   (5th)
27:01.56   Aliaksandr Leuchanka    (15th)
27:08.93   James Sommer             (16th)
27:32.17   Chris Buchanan             (20th)
27:45.39   Raymond Farinella         (26th)
28:02.27   Dylan Lowry                  (30th)
28:39.46   John DeLallo                 (43rd)
29:21.03   Ryan Scarpelli               (53rd)
29:36.36   Craig Weiss                  (55th)
29:40.78   Jonathan Moore             (56th)
30:10.05   Brandon Camenzuli        (59th)
30:49.29   Jonathan Whyte-Dixon   (61st)

Sept 29 – 46th Annual UAlbany Great Danes Classic, Albany, N.Y. – 8K
Team Finish: 1st/4 Scoring Teams
25:12   Ethan Clary                    (1st)
25:31   Aliaksandr Leuchanka     (2nd)
25:52   Chris Buchanan              (4th)
26:11   James Sommer              (5th)
26:30   John DeLallo                  (9th)
26:43   Raymond Farinella         (15th)
26:50   Ryan Florkiewicz           (16th)
26:55   Brendan Camenzuli        (17th)
27:04   Jonathan Moore             (19th)
27:15   Ryan Scarpelli               (25th)
27:20   Andrew Pirnie                (27th)
27:23   Nicolas Santos              (28th)
27:27   Zachary Cook                (31st)
28:28   Craig Weiss                  (32nd)
27:47   Dylan Lowry                  (37th)
27:51   Jonathan Whyte-Dixon   (38th)
28:36   Jared McLean                (44th)
30:45   Thomas Bonaro             (49th)

Oct 13 – Pre-Nationals Meet, Louisville, Ky. – 8K
Team Finish: 15th/24 Scoring Teams
24:47.9   Ethan Clary               (24th)
25:25.7   Chris Buchanan         (63rd)
25:41.3   James Sommer         (98th)
26:22.7   Raymond Farinella     (165th)
26:35.2   John DeLallo             (186th)
26:36.9   Brandon Camenzuli   (191st)
26:45.7   Ryan Florkiewicz       (203rd)
27:15.2   Jonathan Moore         (235th)
27:33.1   Craig Weiss             (242nd)
28:01.4   Ryan Scarpelli          (255th)
28:18.6   Dylan Lowry             (261st)

Oct 27 – America East Conference Championship, Durham, N.H. – 8K
Team Finish: 4th/8 Scoring Teams
25:44.64   Ethan Clary                   (4th)
25:58.66   Aliaksandr Leuchanka    (10th)
25:59.15   Chris Buchanan             (11th)
26:46.63   James Sommer             (36th)
26:59.47   Ryan Florkiewicz           (41st)
27:02.16   Jared Leslie                   (44th)
27:14.24   Craig Weiss                  (49th)
27:28.69   Brandon Camenzuli       (55th)
27:40.27   Raymond Farinella        (56th)
27:57.93   John DeLallo                 (65th)

Nov 9 – NCAA Northeast Regional Championship, Madison, Conn. – 10K
Team Finish: 22nd/34 Scoring Teams
31:32.9   Ethan Clary                  (48th)
31:47.5   Chris Buchanan            (66th)
32:39.1   James Sommer             (116th)
33:14.8   Ryan Florkiewicz           (157th)
33:34.9   Raymond Farinella         (171st)
33:48.1   Craig Weiss                   (187th)
35:44.2   Jonathan Whyte-Dixon    (232nd)

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