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 The mission of the Office of Student-Athlete Academic Services is to enhance the collegiate experience of UAlbany student-athletes by providing an environment that assists them in developing transferable skills so that they may be better prepared to compete in the classroom, the athletic arena, as well as life.  It is our belief that athletics serve as a tremendous enhancement to the higher education experience and that student-athletes can better compete in the classroom due to the lessons they have learned through the experiences of athletic competition. 

Student-Athlete Academic Services Staff

Lori Friel – Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Services and Academic Performance

 General Information

 The Office of Student-Athlete Support Services is located in Room 314 in the Physical Education Building.  The Academic Support Center houses study tables and computers that are available for use by our student-athletes.  In addition, various resource materials are available to assist the student-athletes in their academic endeavors.  

Academic Services 

Academic Counseling

The academic support staff is available for informal academic advising and counseling on classes and choices of majors for all student-athletes.  For official advising, students are routinely referred to the advisors in their specific academic departments.


Academic Monitoring

Academic monitoring is provided to all student-athletes to track academic progress for NCAA eligibility as well as to assist student-athletes who may be experiencing academic difficulties.  In addition, weekly meetings are required of all student-athletes who have a cumulative GPA of a 2.3 or below in order to track academic progress throughout the semester.  Lastly, mid-semester progress reports are completed for all first year student-athletes as well as those required to be in study hall.

Study Hall 

All freshman student-athletes, new transfers, new team members, as well as continuing student-athletes with a cumulative GPA below a 2.5 are required to attend study hall.


Study Hall Locations and Times:


PE 314 & 335                         Monday – Thursday                     8:00 am – 9:00 pm

                                               Friday                                           9:00 am - 5:00 pm

                                               Sunday                                         4:00pm - 8:00pm


Individual Tutoring


Individual tutoring is offered for a wide variety of subject areas.  Tutoring services are free of charge for student-athletes.  The tutors used for this service are current undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students on campus.

Notice of Class Absence Due to Competition

The Student-Athlete Support Services Staff provides travel letters to student-athletes at the beginning of each semester that indicates the specific dates and times that the student-athletes have conflicts between classes and athletic contests.  Assistance is provided in arranging make-up work or proctoring exams.

Advance Registration

Student-Athletes are granted advance registration of classes each semester to avoid conflicts with class and practice/competition schedules.  It is vital that student-athletes take advantage of this service as it greatly benefits them.

Referral to University Support Services

The Office of Student-Athlete Support Services routinely provides a referral service for student-athletes needing campus resources such as the Counseling Center, Career Center, Residential Life, Financial Aid, Disability Resources and other campus offices and departments.

Student-Athlete Affairs

The Office of Student-Athlete Support Services provides workshops and programs for student-athletes that focus on specific success skills such as career planning, time management, financial planning, nutrition and other important topics.

Freshman/Transfer Orientation

Prior to enrollment, the academic support staff works closely with the orientation and advisement offices on campus to ensure that incoming student-athletes participate in the orientation process.  During this time, class schedules are developed to ensure that student-athletes are able to successfully balance the rigors of both academic and athletic schedules.


Academic Support Center Rules

  • All student-athletes signed in for required study time must be doing schoolwork.
  • Food, beverages and tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Cell phones, iPods, and any other music devices are not permitted unless approved by academic support staff.
  • Newspapers and magazines are not permitted unless required for class assignments.
  • No accessing non-academic websites such as Facebook, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc.
  • No loud or boisterous behavior.  Minimal talking is permitted for academic purposes.
  • Student-athletes are expected to clean up after their study area upon departure.  No papers or other materials should be left behind.
  • All computer work should be saved to the student-athlete personal drive.  No files are to be stored on the computers.  Any files that are saved will be deleted on a regular basis.
  • Office telephones and fax machines are not to be utilized by student-athletes.
  • Student-athletes must shower before using the Academic Support Center if they have practiced earlier in the day.
  • Proper attire is required at all times (shirt, shoes, etc.)
  • Tampering with or failing to record accurate study hours is prohibited. 

Tutoring Information

  • A student-athlete may request a tutor at any time throughout the course of the semester
  • Please allow Student-Athlete Support Services staff a minimum of 24-48 hours to assign a tutor.
  • Tutors may meet with the student-athletes for a maximum of 3 hours per week, per course, unless otherwise approved by a staff member.
  •  Tutoring sessions must take place in a public location and NOT in a dorm room.  Violation results in termination of the tutor and loss of tutor privileges for the student-athlete.
  • Failure to show or cancel a tutor appointment within 24 hours can result in the loss tutoring services.
  • Student-athletes must be prepared and ready to discuss questions, problems and issues with the tutor.  A tutor is not to be used in place of the instructor.  Tutors are there to supplement information learned in class.
  • Tutor paychecks may be direct deposited or picked up in UAB 300.  Please refer to the paycheck distribution schedule listed on the human resources website.


Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to serve as liaisons between the athletic administration, university and student-athletes.  The members of SAAC act as the voice of the student-athletes and disseminate information to their respective teams as well as bring student-athlete concerns to the administration.  SAAC is the vehicle for student-athletes to improve upon student-athlete welfare, as well as to help coordinate community service, life-skills and various other activities for the athletic department.


Each team must have at least two SAAC members.  Each team should choose their representatives and consideration should be given to class status, academic status, and overall leadership characteristics.  At least one representative from each team must be present at each meeting unless academic and athletic conflicts prevent them from doing so.

SAAC Officers

SAAC has an Executive Council that is selected by the SAAC members.  Members are selected based on their experience, overall commitment and leadership qualities. 

2016 UAlbany SAAC Handbook





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