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Sport Psychology:  Clinical and Performance Psychology Services at UAlbany

Varsity student-athletes experience a unique culture and many demands during their college career. We associate sports with inherent enjoyment, excitement, and prestige, yet there are also unique pressures facing college athletes. Some of these pressures include managing a rigorous schedule filled with classes and practices, traveling to competitions, dealing with injuries, and being a highly visible member of the university community. In addition to these unique challenges, student-athletes might also struggle with the mental stressors common to other students. Anxiety, depression, social issues, relationship concerns, substance abuse, eating and body image problems, and difficulty adjusting are just some of the concerns that can negatively impact one's performance in sport, school, and life.

While it can sometimes be difficult to reach out for help it remains a fact that mental health is an important and often overlooked dimension of overall student-athlete health and is a key component of student-athlete wellness. Many student-athletes can learn to cope effectively with these pressures on their own or with support from family, teammates, and friends. However, at times these multiple demands can exceed athletes' ability to cope, and meeting with a psychologist can help them get back to feeling more in control of their lives.

Who Provides the Services?
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is dedicated to the needs of student-athletes who are looking for mental health and performance psychology counseling. While any of the CAPS psychologists can meet your needs, Joyce DeWitt-Parker, Ph.D. and Joseph Monserrat, Psy.D. have direct expertise and training in sport and performance psychology. For more information about CAPS services, click here.

How Do I Make an Appointment?
Student-athletes can schedule an individual appointment by contacting Drs. DeWitt-Parker and Monserrat at 518-442-5800 or by email at or  CAPS is located at 400 Patroon Creek Blvd., Suite 104.  Individual sessions are confidential in nature, and we work to accommodate your busy schedule. Initial sessions last an hour, and you should arrive approximately fifteen minutes prior to your schedule session time in order to complete the initial paperwork.

What Do I Do About an Emotional Crisis or Emergency?

If during business hours, call CAPS at 442-5800 and ask to speak with a psychologist. If after hours or on weekends, call 911 from a campus phone or reach University Police at 518-442-3131 from a cell phone or non-campus phone.

What If  I’d Like To Speak with a Psychologist but I’m Not Sure If I Want to Go to CAPS?

Consider calling 442-5800  to speak with a psychologist or visiting  Let’s Talk Hours in Athletics on Tuesdays from 11-1 or visit either of the other two campus Let’s Talk Sites. For more information, click here.




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