Underclassmen Shine for Women’s Tennis at Eastern Intercollegiates


WEST POINT, N.Y.- The University at Albany women’s tennis team continued its fall schedule in West Point last weekend at the Eastern Intercollegiate Championships.

“This was a healthy learning experience for us,” said head coach Gordon Graham. “We had the opportunity to see several teams we’ll be playing in the spring dual match season, so now we have some extra motivation.”

Underclassmen dominated UAlbany’s performance again this week; with Paulina Torres advancing to the quarterfinals of the third flight singles draw. The freshman beat Army’s Alyssa Gleason (7-6, 6-3) and Seton Hall’s Julie Martiny (6-4, 6-0) before falling to Fordham’s Masha Krachok (6-0, 6-3).

Sophomore Cat Crummey also had a strong showing, winning the third flight singles consolation round. Crummey lost in her opening draw to UConn’s Shea Flanagan (6-2, 6-4), before going 4-0 in the consolation round. The sophomore beat Seton Hall’s Madison Shoemaker 8-7, Fordham’s Julie Leong 8-4, Marist’s Mikki Rohan 8-5 and Army’s Alyssa Gleason in the final 8-4.

UAlbany travels to Cambridge, Mass., on Oct. 17 for the four-day ITA Regionals. The Great Danes conclude their fall season at NJIT on Oct. 25.




Main Draw:

Carolyn Pitman (Army) def. Cheryl Kukkonen (UAlbany) 6-2,6-0

Sophie Dzulynsky (Quinnipiac) def. Rocio Lopez (UAlbany) 7-6(4), 4-6, 1-0(8)


Gabi Kaldan (Sacred Heart) def. Lopez (UAlbany) 8-6

Katie DeRienzo (Sacred Heart) def. Kukkonen (UAlbany) 8-7(5)


Main Draw:

Alba Sala (UAlbany) def. Margaret Iliev (Army) 2-6,7-5,1-0(5)

Rocio Portela-Berrios (Seton Hall) def. Kirsten Scott (UAlbany) 6-2,6-4

2nd Rd.:Lucy Nutting (UConn) def. Sala (UAlbany) 7-5,7-6(3)


Sala (UAlbany) def. Brittany Thompson (LIU) 8-2

Rachel Horton (Quinnipiac) def. Scott (UAlbany) 8-4

Scott (UAlbany) def. Callie Morlock (Marist) 8-6

Audrey O’Connor (Illinois) def. Scott (UAlbany) 8-6


Main Draw:

Paulina Torres (UAlbany) def. Alyssa Gleason (Army) 7-6(6), 6-3

Shea Flanagan (UConn) def. Cat Crummey (UAlbany) 6-2,6-4

2nd Rd.: Torres (UAlbany) def. Julie Martiny (Seton Hall) 6-4,6-0

Quarterfinals: Masha Krachok (Fordham) def. Torres (UAlbany) 6-0,6-3


Crummey def. Madison Shoemaker (Seton Hall) 8-7(5)

Crummey def. Julie Leong (Fordham) 8-4

Crummey def. Nikki Rohan (Marist) 8-5

Consolation Finals: Crummey def. Alyssa Gleason (Army) 8-4


Main Draw:

Mireille Hermans (UAlbany) def. Maya Parker (Army) 6-2,6-0

2nd Rd.: Bella Genkina (Fordham) def. Hermans (UAlbany) 6-2,6-2


Sanna Louwers (LIU) def. Hermans (UAlbany) 8-5


Main Draw:

Lopez-Sala (UAlbany) def. Kaldan-Gurda (Sacred Heart) 8-5

Horton-Young (Quinnipiac) def. Scott-Kukkonen (UAlbany) 8-5

2nd Rd.: Keller-Paul (Army) def. Lopez-Sala (UAlbany) 8-1


Bouillin-Brown (Bryant) def. Lopez-Sala (UAlbany) 8-5

Portella-Sher (Seton Hall) def. Sala-Hermans (UAlbany) 8-2


Main Draw:

Torres-Crummey (UAlbany) def. Setyon-Kohn (Stony Brook) 8-2

Piney-O’Connor (Army) def. Hermans (UAlbany)-Keklik (Quinnipiac)

2nd Rd.: Genkina-Novacek (Fordham) def. Torres-Crummey (UAlbany) 8-5


Sung-O’Connor (Army) def. Torres-Crummey (UAlbany) 8-6

Leonard-Snyers (Bryant) def. Hermans-Keklik (UAlbany-Quinnipiac) 8-5