Boca Raton, Fla.- UAlbany tennis dropped its final match during its spring break in Florida against Cleveland State, 5-2, on Thursday, March 15 at Patch Reef Tennis Club. Sophomore Rocio Lopez Alberca continues to win as she tallied her third consecutive No. 1 singles and No. 1 doubles victory against Cleveland State.

UAlbany fell early in the match, losing the doubles point even thought Rocio Lopez Alberca and Livia Gherman won their match before the Great Danes dropped the final doubles match.

The Great Danes' No. 1 Lopez and No. 2 Livia Gherman won each's respective matches, Gherman in straight sets and Lopez in three sets. UAlbany continues its 2012 spring schedule on Friday, March 23 against Atlantic-10 foe St. Bonaventure at Albany, N.Y.



1. Rocio Lopez (UA)
def. Caterine Bjerrehus (CSU) 4-6,6-1,1-0(8)
2. Livia Gherman (UA) def. Maria Lazaris (CSU) 7-5,6-0
3. Kara Sherwood (CSU) def. Kirsten Scott (UA) 6-3,6-4$
4. Nicole Janek (CSU) def. Cheryl Kukkonen (UA) 6-1,6-1
5. Alex Power (CSU) def. Sarah Iannone (UA) 6-0,6-1
6. Mandy Liu (CSU) def. Aubrey Brooks (UA) 6-3,6-3

Order of finish: 5,4,2,6,3,1
$Match clincher.


1. Lopez-Gherman (UA) def. Bjerrehus-Power (CSU) 8-6
2. Lazaris-Janek (CSU) def. Scott-Kukkonen (UA) 8-7(3)*
3. Sherwood-Liu (CSU) def. Brooks-Iannone (UA) 8-2
Order of finish: 3,1,2.
*Doubles point clincher.

UALBANY RECORDS: 7-6 (overall); 0-2 (AmericaEast)