Tennis Wins Nail-biter In the Final Singles Match Versus Army, 4-3

UAlbany Sports Information   03-09-2012
UAlbany Athletics

Schenectady, N.Y.- UAlbany tennis, for the third time this season, won in the final singles match against Army, 4-3, on Thursday, March 8 at Sportime Racquet Club. The Great Danes No. 1 Rocio Lopez Alberca was able to cap the match off after a grueling three set match against Erin Colton, 6-4, 6-7, 6-3. UAlbany improves to 7-4 on the season and look ahead to its spring break trip to Florida to face Florida Atlantic and Cleveland State next week.

The Great Danes opened the match with a well-deserved win in the doubles with all three matches going as far as 8-5 or higher. The No. 1 doubles of Rocio Lopez Alberca/Livia Gherman had to play to 9-7 to grab the point.

The singles play was just as even as the doubles play was with three matches having to be decided by three sets, one of which was the match clincher. No. 3 and No. 4 singles Livia Gherman and Cheryl Kukkonen put the Great Danes in position to win the match, 3-1, but would quickly fall back 3-3 with losses in the No. 2 and No. 6. The match was finished with Lopez in the No.1 singles in three tight sets.


1. Lopez-Gherman (UA) def. E.&D. Taylor (A) 9-7*
2. Scott-Kukkonen (UA) def. Colton-Paul (A) 8-6
3. Carly Riney-Alyssa Gleason (A) def. Iannone-Brooks (UA) 8-5
Order of finish: 3,2,1.
* Doubles point clincher.

1. Rocio Lopez (UA) def. Erin Colton (A) 6-4,6-7(6),6-3 $
2. Janila Paul (A) def. Kirsten Scott (UA) 3-6,6-3,6-1
3. Livia Gherman (UA) def. Margaret Iliev (A) 6-4,6-2
4. Cheryl Kukkonen (UA) def. Natalie Allen (A) 6-3,6-3
5. Della Taylor (A) def. Sarah Iannone (UA) 6-1,6-1
6. Maya Parker (A) def. Aubrey Brooks (UA) 1-6,6-2,6-3
Order of finish: 5,3,4,6,2,1
$Match clincher.

UALBANY RECORDS: 7-4 (overall); 0-2 (AmericaEast)