2010 UAlbany Women's Cross Country Results

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2010 UAlbany Women's Cross Country Results

2010 Best of the Year Times

Sept. 4 - Monmouth XC Kick-Off (Lincroft, N.J.) - 4K
Team Finish: 1st/5 Scoring Teams
Individual Results:
14:20.0      Kathryn Fanning (2nd)
14:40.8      Emily Finnegan (3rd)
14:46.7      Ada Lauterbach (4th)
14:58.9      Brianne Bellon (6th)
15:11.0      Miranda McConnell (8th)
15:16.7      Jenn Pierson (10th)
15:17.8      Brianna Service (11th)
15:28.9      Ally Panos (14th)
15:58.6      Kristin Grab (25th)
16:38.8      Amanda Eisenson (42nd)

Sept. 11 - Boston College Invitational (Boston, Mass.)
Team Finish: 3rd/10 Scoring Teams
Individual Results:
18:20.60      Emily Finnegan (12th)
18:37.80      Kathryn Fanning (26th)
18:45.85      Ada Lauterbach (32nd)
18:51.15      Brianne Bellon (33rd)
18:53.15      Miranda McConnell (35th)
19:05.69      Jenn Pierson (43rd)
19:27.57      Ally Panos (58th)
19:28.52      Brianna Service (60th)
20:13.49      Melissa Del Rosario (83rd)
20:16.92      Kristin Grab (84th)
21:06.96      Rachel Wysocki (104th)
21:14.89      Amanda Eisenson (107th)
21:37.99      Mikala Anson (111th)

Sept. 18 - Br. John "Paddy" Doyle Meet of Champions (Bronx, N.Y.) - 6K
Team Finish: 7th/18 Scoring Teams
Individual Results:
22:46.42      Emily Finnegan (21st)
23:05.31      Kathryn Fanning (31st)
23:22.30      Jenn Pierson (38th)
23:28.78      Miranda McConnell (42nd)
23:33.49      Brianna Service (46th)
23:43.66      Ally Panos (58th)
23:44.10      Brianne Bellon (59th)
24:18.40      Melissa Del Rosario (93rd)
24:41.35      Kristin Grab (105th)

Oct. 2 - Greater Louisville Classic (Louisville, Ky.) - 5K
Team Finish: 15th/35 Scoring Teams
Individual Results:
18:16.00      Emily Finnegan (69th)
18:19.34      Kathryn Fanning (74th)
18:34.93      Brianna Service (107th)
18:41.54      Jenn Pierson (119th)
18:48.55      Miranda McConnell (137th)
18:57.35      Brianne Bellon (169th)
19:03.54      Emily Fung (181st)
19:19.60      Ally Panos (209th)

Oct. 16 - 44th UAlbany Invitational (Albany, N.Y.) - 5K
Team Finish: 3rd/22 Scoring Teams
Individual Results:
18:04.3      Emily Finnegan (8th)
18:18.1      Brianne Bellon (10th)
18:32.9      Kathryn Fanning (18th)
18:35.2      Jenn Pierson (21st)
18:52.4      Emily Fung (31st)
18:55.1      Ada Lauterbach (33rd)
18:57.6      Brianna Service (37th)
18:58.1      Miranda McConnell (39th)
19:24.0      Ally Panos (50th)

Oct. 30 - America East Conference Championship (Boston, Mass.)
Team Finish: 5th/9 Scoring Teams
Individual Results:
18:02.82      Emily Finnegan (14th)
18:10.80      Kathryn Fanning (16th)
18:28.75      Ada Lauterbach (24th)
18:29.82      Brianne Bellon (25th)
18:44.37      Jenn Pierson (30th)
18:49.41      Miranda McConnell (35th)
18:49.66      Emily Fung (36th)
19:11.59      Ally Panos (45th)
19:22.92      Melissa Del Rosario (51st)
19:36.22      Brianna Service (57th)

Nov. 13 - NCAA Northeast Regional (Madison, Conn.)
Team Finish: No Team Resuts
Individual Results:
22:00.0      Ada Lauterbach (88th)
22:10.2      Emily Fung (103rd)

Nov. 20 - ECAC Cross Country Championships (Bronx, N.Y.)
Team Finish: 1st/23 Scoring Teams
Individual Results:
18:21.6      Ada Lauterbach (3rd)
18:26.1      Emily Finnegan (5th)
18:39.1      Emily Fung (11th)
18:45.9      Miranda McConnell (14th)
18:52.1      Kathryn Fanning (16th)
18:57.1      Jenn Pierson (19th)
19:05.7      Brianne Bellon (25th)
19:24.1      Ally Panos (42nd)
20:21.0      Mikala Anson (102nd)
20:34.7      Maureen Nweke (119th)
21:11.5      Amanda Elsenson (158th)

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