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UAlbany Women’s Soccer Falls 1-0 After 90th Minute Goal by UMass Lowell

UAlbany Sports Information   09-25-2016

LOWELL, Mass. – The UAlbany women’s soccer team battled to a near-draw to open America East play but was edged after a 90th minute goal by Jaymee Luke gave UMass Lowell the 1-0 win.

Chloe Borasky had seven saves in the game for UAlbany (3-7, 0-1 AE) as the two sides remained scoreless until the final minute.  Luke’s 90th minute goal from long range gave the victory to UMass Lowell (3-4-2, 1-0 AE).

"The last few minutes of a match are critical to any team's success," said UAlbany head coach Caitlin Cucchiella. "We have to do a better job of closing out games."

Meghan Cavanaugh had five shots in the game for UAlbany, putting four on the cage.  Borasky got the loss despite the seven saves.

Luke’s goal was her first of the season, assisted by Laura Gagnon.  Julia Schneider picked up the victory with six saves in the net.

Shannon Groffie got the first look at the fifth minute expired, turning around in the box with possession.  A soft shot towards the left post was saved by Borasky.

In minute nine, a cross was headed on a high arc by Alexa Schneider.  Julia Schneider jumped and tipped the ball into the crossbar, picking it up on the deflection.

UML had possession for a while in its offensive third, getting a header on a cross from Carolyn Ragon being saved by Borasky.

UAlbany looked to counter as the 20th minute expired.  On a tough angle inside the box, Cavanaugh went for the goal in the center, being saved by Julia Schneider.

Caitlyn Paltsios aimed for the left post in the 32nd minute on a line drive shot, with a diving Julia Schneider saving it.  Kimberly Dieroff tried a shot on the rebound, missing high.  UML countered as Katelyn Vieira received a cross and went for the middle as Borasky caught the ball.

Paltsios put a corner into the box in the 42nd minute, with the keeper punching the ball away.  The two sides went into halftime at 0-0.

UMass Lowell attacked out of the get go in the second half, firing a header off a cross and missing wide left.  Each side kept exchanging possessions around the midfield early in the second.

Minute 59 saw Paltsios sent a free kick towards Cavanaugh just inside the box.  Cavanaugh floated a high arc header towards the cage, with Julia Schneider making the stop.

The home team continued to attack from the flanks, looking for crosses into the box.  The River Hawks continued to get header attempts and kept missing wide.

Cavanaugh nearly got UAlbany on the board in the 67th minute as her shot while running towards the left post was saved by a diving keeper.  The resulting corner kick was cleared out by UML.  UML countered but was stopped by Caroline Kopp blocking a cross into the box.

UML kept shooting from long range, missing well wide a couple of times in the 75th minute.

After Borasky made a save on a line drive shot in the 79th minute, UAlbany looked to counter.  Cavanaugh turned inside the box and kicked with the left foot towards the pipe with a diving Julia Schneider saving the chance.

Borasky came through again in the 84th minute as Ragon arced a header high and towards the left post.  Borasky got her glove on the ball and tipped it off the post for the save.  UAlbany cleared out the ball to preserve the tie.

With 32 seconds left on the clock, Gagnon pass to Luke, who fired a shot from just outside the goal box.  Luke’s shot landed inside the left post past a diving Borasky to put UMass Lowell up 1-0, the eventual final score.

UAlbany returns to the Capital District for a battle against rival Stony Brook on Thursday, September 29th at 7 p.m.




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